Staples 2-Outlet Surge Protector Only $5.25 Shipped (Regularly $11)

2 weeks ago

three outlet protectors

Protect your electronics with a deal from Staples!

Head on over to w you can score this Staples 2-Outlet 1500 Joule Home Entertainment Surge Protector with Coax for just $5.25 shipped (regularly $10.99).

This surge protector has two outlets and coaxial cable protection. Coaxial cables can be found on your modem or TV antenna and by connecting to the surge protector, your devices will be protected if your home receives a surge due to a storm! The slim design makes it easy to have behind a TV and it includes a warranty for up to $75,000 for items that are connected to the surge protector. Plus, it has a blue light at the top that lets you know it’s working which will turn off if your home is affected by a surge.

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