Personalized Family Pillow Covers Only $9.99 Shipped (Regularly $25)

2 weeks ago

blue pillow, blue floral pillow, and white pillow with five names print on couch

Find a special gift to make your loved one smile!

Hustle over to to order these Personalized Family Names Pillow Covers for just $9.99 shipped (regularly $24.99)!

Available in three different fonts, these covers can include up to 15 names; font size will depend on the amount of names included. They’re made with washable fabric that features a zipper to give pillows a clean look.

This would make a great Christmas gift for grandparents or family that lives away, or consider snagging one for a baby shower gift.

three blue pillows and three white pillows with printed names on couch

Here’s why these pillow covers are so highly rated…

“The quality is great! It gives me a farmhouse feel. I bought this for a gift and I’m sure they’re going to love it!”

“Was so delighted when I opened my package to find the pillow covers with the names of all my children and grandchildren spelled accurately, especially with the unusual spellings. These are going to be Christmas presents. I know the little ones will be excited when they see their own names! Thank you!”

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