Our Top 13 Packing Tips to Help Stop You From Overpacking!

1 week ago

woman traveling at airport

Calling all travel enthusiasts! 🗣

As the worldwide pandemic took over, everyone halted travel and we were cooped up inside our homes with an itch to getaway. Now that we’re getting the chance to venture out again, many people are eager to make travel their personality trait once more (i.e me). 🤣

✈️ General Hip Tips for current travel times:  Buy flights and book early! Prices have been skyrocketing as demand for travel has been increasing. Try to protect your plans. Purchase travel insurance that includes COVID-19 related disruptions and double-check to make sure they do.

All in all, traveling is a fun escape and should be an effortless process whether it’s for work or just to getaway.

Here are some of my top packing tips that will stop you from overpacking, and make your packing go smoothly and feel stress-free… as it should be! 😁

1. Make a check-off list before packing 📝.

top packing tips - packing checklist on computer

We’ve all been t. We convince ourselves we’ll pack in advance but it ends up being a madhouse the night before trying to get everything together. This may be an obvious packing tip, but honestly, it’s the most important one.

Your packing list should contain everything you need for a trip & what you still need to buy. This avoids any last-minute packing or forgetting any essentials, so make sure you start your list a week or two in advance.

Check out this online packing template that helps me figure out what I need every time!

2. Avoid packing your bulkier items and wear them on the plane instead.

girl wearing black jacket

You guys know exactly what I’m talking about. Yup, that big jacket or bulky shoes you can’t go anyw without. If you don’t want to wear the jacket, simply tie it around your waist and it’ll save you so much room in your luggage for something else!

3. Roll, don’t fold when packing up clothes!

clothes rolled on the bed

My mom swears by this packing tip and so do a lot of other fellow traveler experts! It saves a lot of room and gives you that extra space you may need. For more delicate clothes (i.e. satin and silk), roll them around a piece of packing paper to avoid wrinkles or creases.

4. Packing cubes, packing cubes, packing cubes…

packing cubes in suitcase

Initially, I never understood the importance of packing cubes until I saw my friend pack. It’s like having drawers in your suitcase to separate all your clothes from being meshed together. It’s super light and so versatile, giving you the organization and the convenience of quickly packing/unpacking on the road.

If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper route, t are compression bags widely available too! You should opt for these if you’re packing bulkier items as they save more space than packing cubes.

5. Always pack by outfit!

clothes laid out on bed before packing

The number of times I’ve brought clothes that I never even ended up wearing. 🙃 Deciding on your outfits beforehand can save sooo much space AND time during your trip so you won’t be overthinking about what you’ll wear each day.

Hip Tip: Make sure to check the weather in advance to plan the outfits accordingly.

6. Have dryer sheets on deck for a fresher suitcase.

dryer sheet bounce on suitcase as a helpful packing tip for fresh clothes

No one wants to smell musty. Another top packing tip is to lay some dryer sheets out when traveling to have your clothes smelling fresh and clean. You can also leave dryer sheets in suitcases to keep them smelling fresh while you’re awaiting the next trip.

7. Bring an all-inclusive first-aid kit!

hand holding travel first aid bag in store

Anything can happen on vacation, so it’s always good to be prepared. Dollar Tree and Target have amazing first aid kits with band-aids, gauze, antibacterial ointments, tweezers, and antiseptic wipes. Everyone has different medical needs so you can refine them periodically by what you or your family need. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 🤕

Other things that may come in handy:

Allergy medications Ibuprofen/Tylenol Pepto Bismol Eye drops 8. Grab some Ziploc bags for packing away smaller items.

masks inside Ziploc bags

These are holy grails for storage. Whether you want to separate your items, bring snacks on the go, or put your electronic cords in one place, it can be extremely helpful to carry around some spare Ziploc bags.

I’ve had liquid spills from a conditioner bottle in my carry-ons before but since I had stuck the bottle in a plastic bag, it ended up not getting all over my other belongings. Saved by the Ziploc! ✨ You never know what you might need them for.

9. Have a portable power bank at hand.

grey mophie powerbank charging iphone and ipad

This is my biggest go-to packing and general travel tip! For some strange reason, my phone always ends up being on 5% when I need it the most, especially on trips. It’s hard to locate an outlet when you’re out and about so a power bank can definitely come in handy.

Warning: If you’re flying by plane, make sure you put the power bank in your personal carry-on and NOT in your checked-in luggage as they are prohibited in the cargo transport.

10. Avoid buying too many travel-size toiletries.

travel sized pouches and spray bottle are great when packing

Instead, buy the empty containers that’ll store the contents of the full-sized products you already own, such as shampoos, conditioners, heat protectants, or hair oils that you may need on the trip. You can keep the empty containers for the next trip too and restock with what you already have, so no need to spend that extra $$!

Personally, I regularly dye my hair so the upkeep products I use are super-specific and the travel-size higher-end brands can get so expensive. So why not save money while you’re traveling instead and avoid buying a different shampoo/conditioner brand that can end up damaging your hair?

11. Bring along an empty reusable water bottle!

hand holding Target Brita Water Bottle

When most destinations have safe drinking water, why waste the money on plastic water bottles when you can just take a reusable one? Fill it up post-security at the airport or even ask the cafes if you feel uncomfortable using water fountains. This packing tip is environmentally friendly and a great way to save.

These Brita water bottles have a filter inside… how convenient is that!?

12. Leave extra room in suitcase/personal bag.

painting souvenir in a bag

I love bringing back keepsakes and souvenirs each time I visit any destination. Although, I always end up having a hassle trying to fit things into my massive, already-filled suitcase. 😅  It’s a safe option to keep some space available in your bags for whatever you may want to bring back.

13. Use a carry-on to instinctively limit overpacking and make flying a breeze!

woman traveling through airport with carry on luggage as a helpful packing tip

Collin’s favorite travel tip is to always use a carry-on instead of checked luggage. Not only does it zip you through your travels quicker (see ya later, baggage claim!) but it also forces you to be mindful about your packing.

T’s only so much you can fit so you’ll think twice about stashing in that extra bulky cardigan you know you won’t end up wearing. 😉

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